Software development and Technical consulting

We accept software development and technical consulting in a wide range of fields from frontend to infrastructure.
We have engineers specializing in each field, so we can flexibly respond to the requirements.
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New product development

As a new product, we are developing a Cloud Gaming System in collaboration with overseas partners.
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NAXA, LLC is a software development company.
We have many engineers who are good at computer science, and we have supported development with many companies so far.
We also contribute to improving skills through technical advisors and in-house study sessions.
We apply our knowledge to develop products such as cloud gaming systems.

Members Introduction

CEO Shumpei Urabe

CEO Shumpei UrabeSpecializes in server-side and mobile app development. I'm good at Go and Rust, and has recently been following Kotlin and Swift.
As a freelancer while at university, I worked many companies, enterprise system development, and technical advisor.
Later, I founded NAXA with university friends. Currently, I undertakes software development and technical consulting with several members.
I'm also active as a low-layer programmer who specializes in SIMD and Vulkan in cloud gaming system.

CTO Yuki Ohkushi

CTO Yuki OhkushiRust contributor, the community team and some working groups - Node.js moderation team, i18n working group belongs, to many open source communities.
Out company focuses primarily on open source development.

COO Hideaki Ifuku

COO Hideaki IfukuGraduate of Security Camp National Convention(Japanese Security School). Research in university was blockchain technology.
Our company is responsible for server-side and security. I makes use of my strengths and contributes to many products.