Easily build a high quality live streaming environment

Easy to install and operate

A variety of delivery environments and knowledge were required to make live delivery possible.
However, we maintain and operate our clients and servers without any hassle.
It also supports a wide range of devices.

Ultra-low latency Streaming

The challenge with live delivery is the time lag between the transmitter and receiver. With the latest technology and one of the largest backbone networks in Japan, we are able to deliver a stable, real-time delivery experience.
It supports Apple Low-Latency HLS and CMAF-ULL, enabling the world's fastest level of delivery.

Secure Streaming

In addition to HLS-AES, we work with DRM vendors and can support Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady. We also have a proprietary system that prevents capture during live streaming.
DRM is optional.

Contact us for Live-streaming Product.

A system that works reliably even for large scale services

Using the Cloud

We operate the system using Amazon Web Service and Google Cloud.
This allows us to operate the service without any downtime even if the traffic increases rapidly.

Providing high quality apps

We are basically developing native apps for both iOS and Android. Native development allows us to deliver to our users without sacrificing performance.
In addition, our engineers speak at DroidKaigi and iOSDC (Japanese Technical Event) and are actively involved in output activities.

Developing in-app plug-ins

We develop plug-ins for iOS, Android and Unity. We can develop a voice changer library, video player, etc. to meet your needs.

Contact us for system development.

About us

We are a technology company that makes the impossible possible.
We use state-of-the-art technology to solve problems that have traditionally been difficult to solve.
Our computer-science-trained engineers do the design work properly and propose the best operation for each use case.
We also contribute to the technical community through the output of our knowledge and experience.
We are a very young organization with an average age of 21, but we will continue to work hard every day.